As a Neurolanguage Coach & teacher I distinguish myself from traditional teachers in traditional teaching methods where I prepare my clients according to their ability and needs, requirements and individual deficiencies, involving 100% of each client in the design and planning of their own course.
Goal setting and integration of coaching techniques facilitate deeper and faster comprehension in the learning of the language .

I take advantage of the way the brain works to transmit my knowledge of Spanish in a way that makes language learning much easier. Without the use of books, I carry the conversations in such a way that the client makes powerful connections within their brain.

This allows a deeper understanding of the concepts and facilitates their long-term internalization.

You don’t need to spend time studying content which you may never use! My method is faster and more efficient in achieving your goal.

What are the benefits of this neurolanguage coaching method?

  • Clients are aided to learn faster and more effectively by understanding how the brain likes to learn,

  • Important needs analysis and goal setting processes are identified and maintained,

  • The client receives an effective tailored made course.

  • Learning materials are relevant and current.

  • Friendly coaching-style conversations and consolidation processes are implemented.

  • Motivation, feedback and assessment are continuously provided also in between sessions.

Do you want to be able to easily express yourself in spanish?

Are you ready to feel joy and curiosity while speaking spanish ?

Would you like to understand how your brain learns , and discover the best ways for you to grow in spanish ?

Then, you’re in the right place!
Remember, you’ll never be alone on this journey toward feeling empowered in your foreign language. So, in addition to our weekly sessions, all packages include unlimited email and whatsapp support. You can expect to hear from me in between our sessions with follow up messages and encouragement of your accomplishments.

Qualified Teacher Status By The Department For Education of Spain – Teaching For The Last 12 Years PHd in Psychology


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